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Well, we’re a company. We’ve been around for a while, long enough to know this town, know its rhythms, know its desire for a little fun every once in a while. It gets tired, worn out every so often. Shh, shh. We know. We’re here.

In 2001, a woman stood at a crossroads. The wind blew down the dusty streets. A dying stranger bequeathed to her his last wish, that all messages to be delivered in song format, all parties be raucous, and all celebrities be impersonated. Since then she has done her best to uphold those requests. She could not do it by herself, though, and thus, a company was formed.

Party Crashers is a collective of seasoned actors and impersonators hand-selected from our actor’s ranch in rural Minnesota. We scour the forests and prairies for the finest entertainers, and our seasoned ranch-hands humanely capture them to be trained and housebroken, ready to perform for you.

No matter what you’re looking for we can and will accommodate you. We have a wide selection of services available for every event or holiday. We offer Singing Telegrams, Celebrity Look-a-likes/Tribute Artists, Costumed Characters, and Dance Grams.

Party Crashers covers every event, ranging from wholesome to risqué, kid to adult. Every holiday known to man we can cover.

We serve the Metro Area as well as a 2 hour radius around the Twin Cities (that includes you too, western Wisconsin). That’s the current limit of our fun-powers, but we’ve got our technicians working on boosting the range. However, for large corporate events, our services are available nationwide, and our Phone grams are available internationally.

We’ve performed for a large number of corporations that actually don’t hate fun. Go check our list, to see the fine companies and establishments we’ve performed for.

Give us a call sometime. Even if you just want to chat. We promise not to nag you.

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