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Cher Impersonator in Minnesota, Wisconsin

Our Cher impersonator is professional, studied, and practiced. She will totally amaze you with her performance as she looks, sounds and acts like CHER!

Visit facebook for a calandar of public appearances and concerts with Mo Donahue
as Cher. Visit her myspace at http://www.myspace.com/cherimpersonator

Cher Impersonator, (Mo Donahue), & Celebrity Friends Travel Worldwide for parties, shows and corporate events.

Mo Donahue is also available for 15 minute Cher Singing Telegram appearances in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota and the entire Twin cities metro area.

Cher 1 Cher 2 Cher 3 Cher 4 Cher and Madonna sSonny and Cher

Click thumbnails to view more Cher photos.

Audio Samples:
"All I Ever Need Is You"
"The Beat Goes On"

About Cher Impersonator:
Cher’s had more faces than a high school yearbook. Mo Donahue performs concert-style engagements as a Cher Impersonator in all of her eras from the 60's through present day. Starting with her early beatnick look, moving on to the flowing robes and hair of her 1970s persona. She will then,“Turn Back Time” to the 1980s with her tight curls and even tighter costume! How about the blonde bombshell of “Believe”? Get ready for many costume changes as Cher and Cher are not alike… Mo Donahue as Cher Impersonator performs alone or with Sonny & other celebrity impersonator friends.

Sonny & Cher Impersonator Comedy Show:
Sonny & Cher sing their famous hits from the '60s and '70s, engage in clever comedy banter and often introduce special guest stars such as Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Elton John and Neil Diamond. Cher can't be seen in the same dress all night! This exciting concert tribute show features extravagant costume and wig changes as Cher transforms her look and sound throughout the decades.

Cher Impersonator & Rod Stewart Impersonator 80’s Tribute show
Performing with a live band, Cher and Rod Stewart rock the party with a high energy concert recreating their hits from the 1980’s to the present day.

Party Crashers offers Celebrity Impersonator Singing Telegrams and Celebrity Impersonator Tribute Shows for your Holiday Parties, Corporate Events and Birthday Parties in Minnesota, Wisconsin and nationwide!

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