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Children's Party Ideas

Themed Parties
If your child has a favorite book, TV show, or movie, consider having a themed party. You can decorate your house or yard to match the theme, and ask all of the other kids to come dressed as characters from the theme your child chose. You can order a custom cake with the theme as well, but an even better choice would be to make a custom cake. Your child will appreciate and remember a homemade cake much longer than a store-bought one.

Kid’s Costumed Characters and Mascots
Princess Parties
Super Hero Parties
Face Painting
Balloon Artists
Children’s Party Ideas
Pirate Parties, Hula Parties and More
Party Crashers for Teens

The most important thing is to listen to your child. If your child want something out of the ordinary, don't brush them off. If they're really into Anne of Green Gables and want to have a Victorian-era party, or if they love Charlotte's Web and have a farm themed party, let them. Maybe they love Star Wars and Spider-Man and want to have a party with both. Whatever you choose, do your best to acknowledge your child's wishes, and they will appreciate it.

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