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DJ's and Celebrity DJ's

Party Crashers offers two kinds of DJ's. Our traditional DJ's will work with you to choose the most appropriate selections of music for your next event. They can act as emcees and include fun and games.

Celebrity DJ's are not your ordinary DJs. Part DJ and part entertainer, our celebrity DJs are an excellent choice to make your next event stand out.

Musicians & Singers
Comedians & Speakers
Psychics, Tarot & Palm Readers
Magicians and Stage Hypnotists
Circus Performers & Jugglers
Celebrity Impersonators
Wedding Singers
DJ's and Celebrity DJ's

Choose one of our many special hosts to host your next party or event, such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, and more.  Our Celebrity Impersonator hosts will emcee a party in character, playing whatever music you choose. In addition, they can also perform the songs that made them famous and lead your guests in sing-a-longs and interactive games. These DJ's are great for themed parties. Choose from different eras, Elvis for the 50's, Paul McCartney for the 60's, Cher for the 70's. Any of our Celebrity impersonators are available for DJing. Please see this page for the full list.

Call us for pricing and availability.

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