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Whether it’s the plumber come to fix your pipes or the roofer who’s heard you need a good nailing, our “Mr. Fix-it” has all the clever dialogue and careful character development of a seventies porn movie. You decide where this act will go… will he be the handsome hunk with a voice to melt the hardest of your girlfriends’ hearts, or will he reveal a sleazier side when he starts to take off his clothes to the musical accompaniment of the classic “bwraar chicka bwraar-bwraar” soundtrack? For an extra fee, the handyman singing telegram can be upgraded into a strip down to underwear (no nudity), and is safe for both bars and restaurants. This strip can be either comedic, sexy, or both. 

Great for Bachelorette parties, or if you know someone that needs a little bit of help around the house. 

Call us today, and we'll make sure our handyman packs all the tools he needs to make your party a good time. 

Party Crashers 
Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm CST


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