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Everyone loves to get phone calls. How often do you get phone calls from a celebrity, though? Surprise your friends! Torment your enemies! Delight children on a birthday with a wake-up call from their favorite character, or a call from Santa at Christmas!

What are Phone Grams?
Phone Grams are a five-to-ten minute customized conversation between our actors and a recipient of your choosing. They can be amusing, playfully annoying, completely whimsical… anything you want them to be. They can incorporate personal information, call people by their nicknames, discuss embarrassing stories. We can provide just about any type of conversation you wish, with a wide array of different celebrities and characters.

Where are they available?
Thanks to the magic of technology, our Phone Grams are available nationwide and even Canada. We didn’t forget about you.

How much does this cost?
Our phone grams start at 30 dollars.

Please call for additional details.
Party Crashers Entertainment
(612) 789-6666

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