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Pirate Parties, Hula Parties and More

If your kids are really into pirates, if that's all they talk about and they say they want to be one when they grow up, consider throwing a pirate themed party for them. Choose from Captain Jack Sparrow or regular pirates, both male and female. Hire just one or multiple pirates for an extra fun.

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Pirate Parties, Hula Parties and More
Party Crashers for Teens

These scurvy pirates will teach your kids how to talk like pirates, play pirate games, let your kids choose a pirate name, do pirate-themed facepainting, and if you plan out a treasure hunt, our pirates can help lead the kids through the clues.

Hula Party
Give your child a tropical extravaganza with a Hula party. Our Hula girl will come give your kids easy hula dance lessons, translate their names into Hawaiian names, do face painting of Hawaiian flowers, and play a tropical tourist racing game where we bring the costumes!

capjacktn Captain Jack Sparrow Girl Pirate
Hula Girl  

Break Dancing Party
Dazzle your kids with a party showcasing this mesmerizing and energetic art form. Our talented break dancer is also an experienced teacher, and he will put on a show and give your group of kids basic break dancing lessons. Please be sure to have an appropriate space for this party. Please contact us for more details.

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5 pm  CST
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