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Party Crashers Entertainment provides Singing Telegrams and Costumed Characters for all your special events entertainment needs in Minnesota and western Wisconsin! We have many options to choose from.

Our Singing Telegram entertainment service area includes the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis - St. Paul and all surrounding cities and suburbs, Stillwater, Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, Mankato; Minnesota and Hudson, Prescott, Superior; Wisconsin.

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Monday - Friday, 9am - 5 pm  CST
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Bad Clown Bad Mime
Bag Lady Belly Dancer
Betty Boop Big Baby
Biker Chick Biker Dude
Blarney the Drunken Dinosaur Borat
Boy Scout Britney Spears


Captain Jack Sparrow Cave Man
Cheerleaders Cher
Chicken China Girl
Clown Handy Man
Cowboy Cowgirl
Cranky Customer David Letterman
Doctor Dolly Parton
Drag Queens Bunny Rabbit
elvis Elvis Fairy Guy
FBI Guy or Gal 
or FBI Team
Female Cop
Fire Fighter Fishing Gal
Flaming Gay Zorro French Maid
Go-Go Dancer Gorilla
Grinch Hillbilly
Hula Dancer Hula Guy
IRS Agent Leprechaun
(male or female)
Madonna Marilyn Monroe
Dancing Gorilla Napoleon Dynamite
Neil Diamond Nerd
Nurse Ozzy Osbourne
Party Crasher Pink Gorilla
Pirate Wench Pizza Face Delivery
Prince Prince Punk Rocker
Santa Sexy Cupid
Sexy Girl Scout Showgirl
image to follow The Swishbuckler
(Gay Pirate)
Tool Time Gal
Tuxedo Top
Hat & Tails
image to follow Uncle Sam
UPyourS Delivery Fairy Princess
image to follow Witch Wonder Woman
Xena Zorro The Kissing Bandit
Anna Nicole Anna Nicole McCartney Paul McCartney
Cop Cop Science Guy Science Guy
Bad Santa Bad Santa Austin Austin Powers

What does a singing telegram entertainer do?
Our singing telegrams are highly enjoyable customized fifteen-minute music and comedy routines. We have dozens of quality costumed characters and celebrity impersonators to choose from.

Our professional performer will sing 3 songs, lead your group in a sing-a-long and interact with the guest of honor incorporating personal information such as nicknames, funny stories and pet peeves, etc.

Our skilled entertainers are experienced working actors who specialize in singing, dancing and comedy improvisation. They are well trained and proficient at delighting audiences and creating a satisfying comical experience.

We have a wide variety of characters ranging from sexy to silly to sophisticated. We'll help you choose which is most appropriate for your function and/or the recipient.

Need a customized character? Please contact us as we offer a full array of amusing entertainment options. We'll work with you to choose the best fun character to surprise and delight your guests and create a lasting memory.

We have lots more singing telegram characters to choose from!
(listed in alphabetical order)
Alanis Morissette
Amazon Warrior Princess
Anna Nicole
Aurthur (Dudley Moore)
Austin Powers
Bad Clown
Bad Mime
Bad Opera Singer
Bad Santa
Bag Lady
Bald Fat Stripper
Barbara Streisand
Belly Dancer
Betty Boop
Big Baby
Biker Chick
Biker Dude
Bill Clinton
Blarney the Drunken Dinosaur
Blondie (Deborah Harry)
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Bondage Betty
Boy George
Boy Scout
Britney Spears
Business Suit
Canadian Mounty
Captain Jack Sparrow
Carmen Miranda
Carol Channing
Catholic School Girl
Cave Man
Cave Woman
China Girl
Christmas Elf
Construction Worker
Country Singer
Crabby Nurse Crotchet
Cranky Customer
Cyndi Lauper
Dancing Gorilla
David Bowie
David Lee Roth
David Letterman
Delivery Man (or Woman)
Dianna Ross
Dolly Parton
Donny Osmond
Drag Queens
Dusty Springfield
Easter Bunny
Elton John
Fairy Guy
Faith Hill
Father Time
FBI Guy or Gal
FBI Team
Female Cop
Female Leprechaun
Fire Fighter
Fishing Gal
Flaming Gay Zorro
Flight Attendant
Fran Drescher
Frank Sinatra
French Maid
French Maid (man in drag)
Girl Scout
Go-Go Dancer
Green Fairy or Tinkerbell
Grim Reaper
Gwen Stefani
Gypsie Fortune Teller
Handy Man
Hippie Chick
Hula Dancer
Hula Guy
IRS Agent
Italian Chef
Italian Mobster
Janis Joplin
Jazz Singer
Jewish Mama
Joan Jett
Joan Rivers
John Couger Mellencamp
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Jon Bon Jovi
Judy Garland (as Dortothy)

Karen Carpenter
Kelly Osbourne
Kid Rock
Kitty Cat
Knocked Up Nelly
Lena & Ole
Lenny Kravitz
Little Richard
Liza Minelli
Lucille Ball
Mae West
Magic Jeanie
Male nurse (in drag)
Man in a Hula Skirt
Marilyn Monroe
Michael J Fox
Michael Jackson
Mick Jagger
Moana Bitmore (dominatrix)
Mr. Nun (man in drag)
Mrs. Santa
Mrs. Santa Trophy Wife
Naked Cowboy
Nancy Sinatra
Napoleon Dynamite
Naughty Nun
Neil Diamond
Nerdy Girl
Opera Singer
Osbourne Family
Ozzy Osbourne
Party Crasher
Pasty Cline
Paul McCartney
Peggy Lee
Pimp Daddy
Pink Fairy
Pink Gorilla
Pirate King
Pirate Wench
Pizza Face Delivery
Police Officer
Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Process Server
Punk Rocker
Raggedy Ann
Reba McEntire
Red Hat Society Lady
Richard Simmons
Roger Daltry (The Who)
Sammy Davis Jr
Santa's Helper
Security Officer
Sexy Girl Cupid
Sexy Girlscout
Sexy Mrs Santa Claus
Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
Shania Twain
Sid Vicious
Skanky Stripper
Sonny & Cher
Statue of Liberty
Steven Colbert
Stevie Wonder
Stripping Gorilla
Stripping Sheep
Super Man
Swedish Folk Girl
Swishbuckler (Gay Pirate)
Taxi Driver
Teddy Bear
Tina Turner
Tipsy Tart
Tool Time Gal
Tori Amos
Tuxedo—Top Hat & Tails
Uncle Sam
Uninvited Party Guest
UP Yours Delivery Service
Fairy Princess
Wonder Woman
Zorro The Kissing Bandit

Great for:
• Corporate Events
• Holiday Parties
• Birthdays
• Bachelor Parties
• Bachelorette Parties
• Farewell Parties
• Get Well Wishes
• Retirement Parties
• Weddings
• Bridal Showers
• Baby Showers
• Trade Shows
• Wedding Receptions
• Anniversaries
• Private Parties

• Company Picnics
• Fundraisers
• Grand Openings
• Conventions
• Award Banquets
• Fairs and Festivals
• Fundraisers
• Retirement Parties
• Graduation Parties
• Family Reunions
• Bar Mitzvahs
• Bat Mitzvahs
• College Events
• Proms
• University Events
• Special Events
• All Occasions!

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5 pm

Our singing telegrams are very funny and will ensure that your occasion will be successful. Don't settle for an inferior singing telegram. Only the best singing telegram will do for your birthday or special occasion. Party Crashers Entertainment has the best singing telegrams in the Twin Cities. Our singing telegrams are sure
to please.

If you are interested in something other than a  singing telegram, or in addition to a  singing telegram, check out Party Crasher's other variety entertainment choices.

Singing telegrams are not for everyone. Some people may not be able to handle the excessive laughter caused by a Party Crasher Singing Telegram. For example, say you buy yourself this aforementioned singing telegram, and watch the aforementioned singing telegram at your company or home party.

Depending on how you behave while watching your hilarious singing telegram, the hilarious singing telegram could be the wrong choice. The comedy may be just too much for you to handle. However, for most well balanced individuals, the Party Crasher Entertainment Singing Telegram will be a fine choice, and you are unlikely to embarrass yourself with the excessive laughter you experience while watching.

Go for it and buy the singing telegram, and see how it goes. What have you got to lose? A singing telegram may be just what you need for your company party, corporate event or birthday party in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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