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French Maid
“I justwanted to thank you again so much for the singing telegram. Everybodythere got such a kick out of it.  He was really surprised and actuallyliked it too.  Thank you very very much and if I know of anyone who
needs a singing telegram I will certainly refer you guys.” --Susan Revier

Fat Guy Strip
“Thank you for the Bald Fat Guy.  It worked fine for our event. My sister was very embarrassed and loved it.  Everyone loved it.” --Robert A. Dittel, 651-260-4957

Surly Santa
“I just wanted to tell you that my Surly Santa last night totally rocked. It was awesome and people are going to be talking about it for a long time. It was awesome, awesome, awesome!” --Mary Morris, KDWB Radio

Bad Clown
“I could use all the space on your message machine telling you how great and pleased I am with everything. It was a huge hit.  It was perfect.  Absolutely perfect. Better than I ever imagined it could be. I never even hoped it would be so good. It was perfect. I want to thank you so much and Jhannie. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I
can’t say it enough. I’m sure I’ll be calling you again and again. Thanks a lot. You guys are awesome.”
-- Jill Herlofski, 310-306-4098

French Maid
“Well party crasher, I want to say Thank you for another great production. You’re the best in the business when it comes to crashing parties.  I don’t know how anybody can top being crashed by you. Thanks again.” ----Andrew Picard

“The two cheerleaders sent to us for the luncheon were hilarious!  The guy was so fired up that he was comical to watch and the woman was hysterical too. We could not believe she could hit those high notes (she must have some other singing career). They both used the lines I gave them which made them even more funny. The office staff had a great time. Please send our thank yous to these two. They were just great!!
--Mary E. Mitzuk, Principal, IHM-St. Luke's School

“That was fantastic!  Thank you so much.” -- David Keller

Hula Girl
“She did a super great job.  We all really loved it. She just did a wonderful job.” -- Dorothy Larson

“He was excellent. We had a great time.  He was just wonderful  and a lot of fun.” -- Teresa Wlaschin

Bag Lady
“Everyone loved it.  The bag-lady was so funny and a great singer too. People are still talking about it.  We will
definitely be using you again.” -- Thomas W Dahms

“I just wanted to thank you for making my Mom & Dad’s wedding anniversary so special.  It really meant a lot to them. We were all impressed with the way you re-wrote the songs to be about our parents. The entertainer was both funny and an exceptionally talented singer.”

“Thanks for sending the nerd to embarrass my sister. It was a big hit. Very funny.”

Tipsy Tart
“She was wonderful.  Absolutely perfect.  She did a really good job.”

Female Police Officer
“Just wanted to let you know that it turned out beautifully! I don't know if Kirk completely bought it, but he was definitely skeptical. I didn't catch the "Officer's" name, but she was fantastic. Let her know that she did a superb job and that she has a beautiful voice. I'd definitely use Party Crashers again. Thanks for making Kirk's 27th birthday a blast!” Best Regards, --Kristi Davis

Tuxedo Gram
“It was perfect. She was great.  It was wonderful and perfect for the evening.” -- Kate Wilson

Rude Crude Elvis Strip
“He was awesome. He did a wonderful job. It was so much fun and the best thing we’ve ever done.  It was awesome. We will keep you in mind for the future.” --Kim

FBI Team
“He loved it. It worked out very well. He was totally fooled. Thank you very much.” -- Matt

Dr. Feelgood
“Everybody loved it. He did a real good job.” -- Lisa Krogstad

Nurse Strip
“She was wonderful.  We were very happy with her. Everyone keeps talking about it.  It was a really good time.” -- Karen Kane

“I just wanted to say thanks to you and Zorro for a fun time on Saturday! Everyone thought it was really great!! He puts on a good show! Thanks again....” -- Sara Beebe

“Just calling to say thank you so much for your hard work putting into the surprise today for Janelle. I think it went really well.  She was surprised and happy and we were all laughing about it. I know it was kind of a fiasco getting everything coordinated. I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate it and it was a great success - and I will recommend you guys to the next person I want to embarrass with a gorilla.” -- Ryan Masterson

Billy Joel
“It worked out great. He was very good and everybody really enjoyed it. They all commended me for hiring him and that’s what’s really important! (HaHa)  We’ve got your number and we’ll be giving you another call.” --Charlie Silver

“He was good. Everything went well and everyone had a good time.” -- Dennis Yelkin

FBI Agent
“He was very good. Thank you very much.” -- Mary Goering

Dr. Feelgood
“It was great. He was very funny. Thank you.” -- Dan Scharbonneau

Cranky Customer
“That was just perfect. He completely bought it. Not only was he scared, but the whole room was nervous for him.  She came back with all the right answers and really had him going. It was great and really funny.”
--Jennifer Peters

“He was a riot.  He was peeking in the windows. It was really funny.  He was really great with interacting with the crowd. Everybody had a great time.” -- Shelley Berg

Purple Dinosaur
“He was great! He was wonderful and we just loved it. I would certainly use you again.” -- Diana Hanson

“I just wanted to call and thank you for the Cinderella. She was a wonderful singer and my daughter is still
talking about it.” -- Tracy Cywinski

Bag Lady
“I just got off the phone with my family and the bag lady just paid them a visit.  Everybody thought it was absolutely hilarious. It was one of the best things they’d ever seen. It was just great. I wanted to thank you and let you know how fabulous it was. If you need a reference</italic> you can use me anytime.” -- Ingrid Ostinat

Elmo Look-alike
“I wanted to tell you that Elmo showed up and did a great job. The kids were a little scared at first, but by the time Elmo was ready to leave, they all wanted him to stay.  It went over really well. We really appreciate it and we’ll spread the word. You made our party a success.” -- Steve Emer

Uptight Victorian Man Strip
“Thank you so much for the hilarious stripper.  He was great and had everyone laughing.  I already tipped him $50.00 but I want to give him another $50.00 tip.  Could you also send a copy of the poem he wrote for my girlfriend?  We want to frame it. Everything worked out just perfectly, I didn’t think I was going to be able to
find anyone to this, but you guys really came through.” -- Rick Berg

Stripping Bag Lady
“Hi Mo. Thank you again wonderfully.  You are very talented. We really enjoyed your performance.”
--Chris Cox

“I wanted to Thank you for putting something together so quick for us yesterday.  It was a BIG hit.”
--Jennifer Blakely

“The nerd was fabulous. I was absolutely thrilled. It was really entertaining. He was the best we’ve ever seen.” --Laura Lee

The Little Mermaid
“Thank you so much for a beautiful and talented Little Mermaid celebrating Madeline’s birthday with us. What a treat it was to have entertainment for everyone. Madeline will never forget her special day.”
-- The Himmer family

“She was fabulous! It went over big time.  It was just great." -- Mann

Tuxedo Balloon Delivery
“It worked out great and I want to thank you.  I’ll put stars next to your name.” -- Gene Maze

IRS Agent
“AWESOME!!! Thank you for being so flexible with our scheduling yesterday. You guys exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much!” --Randi Sundsmo

“It turned out good. We had a lot of fun with it. She did a great job” --Tina Brown

“He was great. She couldn’t believe we did this to her. It was perfect” -- Carmen Meyer

“It was great!  Very funny. My friend was very surprised and loved every minute of it.” --Elizabeth Dahl

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger
“It was great, the kids loved it! I’m so glad I found you guys. I’m putting your website on my Favorites list and I’ll call you next year!” -- Selmara Rydell

Bag Lady
“Thank your "bag lady" for me.  She did a great job!” --Heather

Belly Dancer
“Just wanted to let you know our belly dancer was very professional.  Her routine was fabulous.  She did an excellent job. Thank you, thank you very much!” --Karen Guinn

Tool-Time Gal
“She did a super great job. Thank you so much” --Sara Larson

Construction Workers
“You guys were fabulous. What a fun job! Thank you, that was really good. We’ll be using you again”
--Erin Larsen

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus
“You guys are really good.  You put on a great show!” --Linda Artz

Bad Mime
“Thanks for making our bosses birthday one to remember!” -- Paul A. Olson

“She really looked like her. It was unbelievable.” --Linda Swanlund

Hula Man
“It was pretty comical. People loved it.  We wanted to do something to embarrass her and it was the perfect thing!” -- Greg Joos

Dolly Parton
“She was great! Everyone at my party kept telling me how clever I was for thinking of such a unique and funny thing to do. It was a good time.  I’ve used you guys in the past and will be calling you again.” --Kevin Nelson

Mother Goose
“I wanted to say thank you very much for the show. Everybody was impressed and wanted your card. It was very good." --Lesbia Giron

Pink Gorilla & Trainer
“I just wanted to say thank you for the telegram.  It was great!  You guys did a great job. Thank you very much.” --Carol Roddy

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for an awesome performance today! Two of your performers stopped by as cheerleaders to wish my boss a happy birthday. She was very surprised and very
pleased.  Thanks for helping make it special!” --Deidre Johnson

“You sang for my daughter as a chicken last week.  It was so much fun we want you to do it for another daughter!” --Diane Nelson

“Great performance today at Amy's party! You have a great voice, it really was funny and you did a great job of embarrassing Amy but not too much. You also got the most out of the small amount of information we gave you. Have a great weekend!” --Dan Rutman

“We had Spiderman come to my son’s 6th birthday party. I wanted to compliment him.  He did such a fabulous job. I just had to make the phone-call and say Wow! He really did a great job.  We were
all really impressed, especially the adults. He really did a great job. I hope you pay him good money cause he’s sure worth it. He did great with the kids. I just wanted to give him that compliment cause he sure deserves it. Thank you.” --Leslie Carver

Tipsy Tart
“That was fantastic! Job well done.” --Kim Wylde

Cranky Customer
“Thank you Mo for everything!  I heard it was fabulous!!  Thank you again!” --Shanna Cito

Wacky Fairy
“The feedback I got from the Wacky Fairy visit on Sat. afternoon was outstanding. The party person said it made her day and the whole group was just so entertained by her. Please give this message to her and thank her for such an outstanding job. I really appreciate her doing this performance and doing it so well. My birthday friend called today to tell me all about it. Thank you. I will use this service again and with 60 people at the party I am sure she will be recommended to others.” --Helen Madsen

Big Baby
“I had the pleasure to be at a baby shower, where you "delivered" a wonderful crash!  I was quite impressed and my cheeks ached from laughing! Laughter is the music of the soul." --Barbara Blomer 

“The 'clean' Elvis that performed for my Mom (he’s headlining your webpage -- GOOD FOR HIM!!) was so good, and so respectful, yet had fun with it, joked with my Mom and her few girlfriends we’d invited over for some cake and ice cream (smile) -- I am very impressed with the service you offer! Knowing the quality of your
service, the friendliness of your employees, and the fun we had with Elvis (he was really great!!) I look forward to working with your people again -- thanks for providing a “clean” and fun commodity for those of use looking to have a laugh along this highway of life -- and we will book Cher for Feb 17th -- a Saturday!!
--Trish Mikelonis

“The Monkey did a great job. We had lots of people asking for your contact. Thanks.” --Kathy Coffelt

“The Marilyn was beautiful, intelligent and funny. They absolutely thought that you were the "end all" of Marilyn singing telegrams. Look forward to future gigs!” --Jon Shipley

Mr Incredible
“I had Mr. Incredible come to my son's party (4 years) last April and it was a huge hit - thank you so much!”  --Tracey Drakulich

“That was fantasic! Just great. Thanks!" --Teri Zebrosky

Pink Gorilla
“That was great!. Thanks!" --Pam Elliott

“We had Batman come to my son’s birthday and I just wanted to tell you how great he was. He was fabulous.  He did a really, really good job. I wanted to compliment him and you.  It was terrific!  A big hit. ”
--Wendy Moore

“We had 'Zorro' come to Liffey's on Sunday 7/8/07 and he was GREAT!  'Zorro' was on time, he had a great singing voice, he was VERY entertaining. Everyone in Liffey's enjoyed him. The birthday girl, Joan, said it
was the best birthday surprise she had ever had. Thank you very much for making Joan's 30th birthday extra special! Sincerely,” --June Stengel

“He was fantastic and did a great job!” --Jennifer Rikkers

“We had Barney come out to our house yesterday. I just wanted to tell he did an exceptional job, we were very, very pleased. He even stayed longer than he was supposed to and was very good. We will definitely recommend you guys! Thank you so much. Again, it was fun, we really appreciate it.”

Mo Donahue
Party Crashers Entertainment
2657 Grand Street NE
Minneapolis, MN  55418

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